There have been multiple allegations that Prime Minister Modi favours businessmen. Modi government has entrusted Gautam Adani with the responsibility of running 6 big airports in the country.

It has been revealed that Central government has given this airport to Adani group without consulting state government. Till now, Airport Authority of India (AAI) used to look after these airports.

This information was given by Rajya Sabha Committee to Civil Aviation Ministry recently. Now, questions are arising about why didn’t government consult states before giving the authority of running these airports to Adani.

According to TOI, Ministry has given the report related to this in which its mentioned that states were not consulted before giving airports on lease. There was bidding on these airports in which Adani group won it. The airports which have come under Adani group are from Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmadabad, Mangaluru, Trivandrum and Guwahati.

However, government has said that it is favouring privatization and wants to develop these airports under PPP model (Public Private Patnership). These 6 airports will remain with Adani group for next 50 years.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has accepted that no advice was taken from states governments and public. It is to note that under PPP model, government has to ask public and states before handing over property in private hands.


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