Different states have seen people dying due to consuming toxic liquor. Now, Assam has been added in the list of such states like Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Toxic liquor has claimed 85 lives of tea plantation workers in Assam. Also, around 300 people are in hospitals for treatment.

According to media reports, the number of deaths has risen to 85 due to consumption of illegally produced alcohol. The number is expected to increase. Actually, there has been consumption of this toxic alcohol by tea plantation workers who were hospitalized on Thursday. There have been two separate cases from  districts of Jorhat and Golaghat.

This illegally produced liquor is also known as Hooch or country liquor. Most of the tea plantation workers consume this kind of alcohol because it is easy to purchase. They live in adverse condition with little monetary assistance. Alcohol is not pro-health. Now, these workers double risk their lives by taking this ‘cheap’ alcohol. Even the system is at fault for not checking the production of illegally produced alcohol.

Two weeks prior to this incident, there were death due to toxic alcohol consumption in UP and Uttarakhand as well where 100 people died. It is to note that all the three states, including Assam are being ruled by the BJP. Their respective governments have failed to put a full stop at the illegal production of alcohol. Are BJP run-states failing to put an end to illegal production of alcohol?


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