PM Modi-led select committee has removed Alok Verma as chief of CBI a day after he resumed office. This move is being seen as politically motivated and is being criticized by many.

Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha tweeted, “If the news of removal of CBI chief #AlokVerma is true..It is the last nail in the coffin of this regime, which was mortally afraid of the potential initiative of d agency vis a vis #RafaleScam Do whatever..Your corruption shall be exposed Saheb! Jai Hind”

Manoj Jha has called this move as ‘last nail in the coffin’ for BJP government. According to him, this will expose the government.

Actually, Alok Verma was sent on holiday along with Rakesh Asthana. His post was restored by Supreme Court and resumed his office yesterday. He even transferred 5 officials from his office today. After this, PM Modi-led select committee removed him from his post and instead transferred him to DG fire services post.

Will Modi government keep on taking ‘politically-motivated’ actions till Lok Sabha elections?


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