Masood Azhar has again escaped from being listed as global terrorist by UN Security Council.This is because China has blocked the efforts to single him out as a terrorist in UN.

These objections by China were made an hour ago before the council would have blacklisted him as global terrorist. It is to note that five countries hold the power of Veto in which they can block decision in the security council, and China is one amongst them. China said it needs more time to examine the sanctions being put on Azhar.

It is to note that Masood Azhar is the head of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM). This is not the first time that China has blocked efforts to list Azhar as global terrorist. It is to note that post Pulwama attack, India demanded Azhar to be declared terrorist at the world level. It was alleged that JeM had taken responsibility of Pulwama attack which was later denied. However, China has stopped the attempts made by Modi government.

It is to note that United Nations had already banned JeM back in 2001. However, the chief of this outfit has not been termed as global terrorist due to China’s support. This is yet another failure of the present government who claimed that it has international support over the issue. It seems as if China has again remained out of India’s diplomacy tactics.


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