Government is presenting controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Rajya Sabha today. It was passed in Lok Sabha on 8th January. It is also facing protests against the bill by North-East people. In fear of this, section 144 has been imposed in East and West Imphal districts.

There has been resistance from North-East people over the bill which is said to provide citizenship to non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This is being calling as discriminatory.

The government has given prohibitory orders due to fears of protests being done by various organizations against the bill. This order has been applied for infinite period. Internet services have also been suspended. It is to note that usually internet is suspended by authorities in protest areas due to fear of people organizing with help of it.

This bill will give nationality to migrant people belonging to various religious sects, but not Muslims. It will apply to those migrants who came to India before 31 Dec, 2014. This bill is discriminatory towards Muslims who are being left out on the basis of their religion. Some north-east people are against any migrants coming to their state.

People in Assam have also shown black flags to Prime Minister with slogans of ‘Go Back Modi’ and ‘Scrap Citizenship Amendment Bill’. Bhupen Hazarika’s family even turned down his Bharat Ratna to show their protest against this bill.


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