Banaras Hindu University students are protesting against their own Chief Proctor Dr Royana Singh for the past seven days since 29 November. Dr Royana is the first women chief proctor of the university who is fast facing criticism by her own students. They are demanding her removal. There had been various events in the university which led to the outburst against chief proctor.

The protest against Dr Royana took off when some law students were barred from giving exam due to short attendance. After that, some nursing students were demanding recognition of their college by Indian Nursing Council (INC).

However, things got out of control after a nursing student Manju alleged that she was slapped by Dr. Royana Singh. It even led to the rupture of her eardrum. She even filed a complaint against chief proctor. There was the filing of FIR from both sides. Lanka Police station filed FIR against Dr. Royana for slapping Manju while there was another FIR against 125 nursing students for blocking the road. Now, students are demanding the removal of chief proctor from her post. The students have listed out following reasons for demanding the removal of Dr. Royana.

Students have alleged that there has been an increase in corruption in BHU hospital in past one year. According to them, hostels have been closed which posed problems to students. In all, they are blaming chief proctor Dr Royana Singh for all the ‘mismanagement and corruption’ inside the campus.


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