Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s tenure has become infamous for firing. It has been alleged that there was firing near to Bhind polling booth. It is reported that firing was heard around 11:30 am near polling booth number 120 in Bhind.

It was said that administration was keeping candidates and leaders inside a guest house after firing. Such weak security preparations during elections is a serious concern.  Firing started after there was a dispute between two groups of polling booth 120 and 122 of Bhind assembly seat.

Elections were halted after there firing was heard near polling booth. Police has also arrested the accused who fired the shots.

There is a  is a direct fight between the ex-Home Minister and Congress candidate Dr. Govind Singh and BJP’s Rasal Singh from Bhind’s assembly seat. Two days ago there were firing reports on Dr Govind’s nephew who escaped close death.

There were also reports of faulty EVMs in the state. And firing near the polling booth also raises questions on election management.


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