CM Yogi Adityanath had promised for a better law and order situation in UP than that present during previous governments. Despite all the promises, mob-lynching cases keep on coming from the state.

The latest news is from Shamli where a youth was dragged out of police van and was beaten to death by a mob in front of UP Police. The incident happened in the village of Hathchhoya in Jhinjhana area.

Here, Rajendra Kashyap had a dispute with people from the same village. It is being said that Rajendra was intoxicated while other people was beating him up. UP Police came to the spot after it got news of the scuffle between Rajendra and village people. Police tried to take Rajendra away in the van.

However, mob didn’t let Rajendra go. People started beating him then and there. He died due to the injuries. All this happened in front of UP Police which was unable to save life of a man who was in their custody. A video also went viral where it can be seen that people are thrashing Rajendra in front of police.


This issue was linked with two communities which attracted the political attention to it. Central minister Giriraj Singh tweeted about the incident saying, “This is an incident of UP’s Shamli where 6 Muslim boys have beaten up a Hindu boy by dragging him out of Police van. And then he was mob-lynched.”

He even wrote, “Now if someone tries to give any knowledge on intolerance gang and intolerance then ask them, why did their conscious died after Kathua case?”

Has Giriraj Singh forgotten that this man died in the same state where his party is in power. Does he want to point out that UP Police is so helpless that a youth is mob-lynched in front of it?

Giriraj Singh was trying to find Hindu-Muslim angle in the incident. But he forgot that this incident happened in Uttar Pradesh and not in Bengal. Yogi Adityanath should take responsibility of ‘weakness’ of UP Police.


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