Mizoram election promotions have concluded. Tomorrow is the date of elections in the state. However, Mizoram CM has alleged the BJP is trying to buy votes in the state.

Mizoram CM Lal Thanhawla said that BJP is trying to win people’s vote with help of money. He said that it will take time for BJP to open its ‘account’ in the state.

Lal Thanhawla has become Mizoram CM 9 times. He said that BJP is trying to buy Chakma and Bru communities They are doing this by taking them to Guwahati and influencing them with Sangh ideology.
He said Narendra Modi should try to open his ‘account’ in Mirzoram. BJP has not been able to have any voter base in the state. Thanhawla said that he will welcome BJP if it will try to do hard work for elections, but it should not try to ruin Mizoram people. He said that there has been no use of money in elections. The elections in the state have been free and fair. He also appealed to Chakma and Bru community people to not forget their tradition.
The elections will take place on 28 November in Mizoram. Here more than 7 lakh voters will vote. There are 209 candidates who have taken part in this election. Congress has remained in power in the state since 2008.


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