Cow politics has given nation another shock. This is clearly visible in the case of Bulandshahr violence which claimed lives of two. The two deceased even include a policeman. And that’s not all, he was probing another case related to cow slaughter which is Akhlaq’s lynching case. It seems as if cow politics is taking India by storm.

It is to note that police has filed FIR against 27 people after violence happened. One of the main accused, Yogesh Raj, is absconding who is a Bajrang Dal activist. However, police was successful in arresting two children aged 11 and 12.

The situation got tensed after carcasses of 25 cows were found in Bulandshahr. People got infuriated and violence took over the area. A man was killed by the mob who considered themselves to be saviour of cows in the name of religion. Soon, Bulandshahr was ‘burning’ in protests and two men loss their lives.

Political statements always have long repercussions. Cow politics is something which is constantly being done by BJP and other hindu organizations. People have been mob lynched during their tenure just on the pretext of slaughtering cow without even knowing whole truth.

It is to note that such instances don’t just happen as it is. The seeds of hatred were already sown. Mob lynching has visibly spiked during BJP rule. Their leaders also keep on giving such statements which make people believe that they will be safe after doing crime as authority is with them. Afterall, UP CM Yogi Adityanath did a meeting after Bulandshahr violence. After this a press release was issued.  This press release focused more on cow-slaughtering and less on mob-lynching and violence.

It seems as if Chief Minister Yogi is unable understand the difference in the two cases. At one hand there is cow slaughtering. On the other hand there is the case of mob-lynching of innocent people just on doubt of cow slaughtering. The two cases cannot be equated. It is clear that BJP leaders are not willing to leave aside their Hindutva and cow politics.

According to Firstpost in 2017, “Since 2010, 97% of beef-related violence took place after Modi govt came to power.” 

When will their leaders understand the problem? Till when will they do cow-politics to ‘burn down’ unity of this nation?


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