Pakistan PM said, “If India will take one step towards friendship, then we will take 2 steps.” Imran Khan has sown seeds of peace between India and Pakistan with his speech. He said that everyone in Pakistan ranging from Army to officials want to have cordial relations with India.

He gave this speech at the launch of Kartarpur corridor project where Navjot Singh Sidhu was also present. Imran even appreciated Sidhu for coming to Pakistan with goal of friendship between two countries. However, he condemned those who tried to defame Sidhu for his stand.

According to Imran, both countries have nuclear weapons which will provide a hinderance of war between them. So, war cannot be an excuse for peace. There should be ‘civilized relationships between both countries’. Imran said it’s not important to wait for someone like Sidhu to become Prime Minister to establish peace between two countries.

The relations between India and Pakistan have been tensed since partition. There have been many leaders from both sides who claimed to change the situation. However, there have been many reasons which always provide a hinderance between them. Especially media has been quite instrumental in adding ‘ghee into fire’.

Still, the step taken by Pakistan and speech of Imran is appreciable and a welcome step. Even if there are some issues like Kashmir that need to be dealt, the open announcement on peace should be celebrated across borders.


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