PM Modi had called him and his party ‘Kaamdar’ while giving a speech in Rajashtan. Does the present government thinks that they working for people? Because citizens seem to have different opinion on this. Same goes for India’s farmers. That is why they are protesting on large scale for third time within 3 months.

India’s farmers have gathered in Delhi to question those in power. It wants to question the government for its inability to deal with agrarian crisis. ‘Dilli Chalo March’ has been organized to demand a seperate parliamentary session to discuss agrarian crisis in the country.

Farmers are even getting support from other people like labourers, students, professors, etc. CPI (M) West Bengal tweeted a picture of Singur Kisan March where it can be seen that roads are flooded with farmers.

On one hand our leaders are calling for ‘Ayodhya Chalo’ while on the other hand farmers have said ‘Dilli Chalo’. Many people like P. Sainath have been actively supporting the campaign.

Farmers will even continue this protest tomorrow by marching towards parliament street. It is being hoped that government will pay heed to thier demands and look into their problems which force many of them to commit suicides. This year only, a farmer was jailed for non-payment of loans and died there only. Will government focus on real issues more and leave aside Mandir-politics?



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