Judge Loya case came in media spotlight last year after his family members suspected on the circumstances in which he died. The case is under investigation.

However, high court judges are trying to stay away from the case. The 2 judges who were hearing this case have refused to further hear the case. Their names are Judge Sunil Shukre and Judge SM Modak. Now, another bench will hear this case.

These 2 judges have not listed any reason for not hearing the case further. There are allegations that they have taken a backseat because BJP president Amit Shah is involved in the case. And due to his fear they have refused to hear the case.

Nagpur lawyer Satish Uke had filed a petition for Judge Loya case. According to Satish, Judge Loya did not died of heart attack. Instead he died of radioactive isotope poising. He claimed in the petition that judge Loya was murdered by giving him poison. He even said that all the documents related to the case have been destroyed.

Satish filed the petition in Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court demanding police investigation of the judge’s “suspicious and untimely death”. Judge Loya was hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case. This case has links with Amit Shah and senior IPS officers of Gujarat and Rajasthan Police.

It is mentioned in Satish’s petition that Loya had already prepared the draft of decision on issue of acquitting Amit Shah as main accused in the Sohrabuddin case. Even before giving the verdict, Judge Loya died in a Nagpur guest house under suspicious circumstances.


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