Farmers of the country have become aware of their rights. Tomorrow, they will be marching for their rights in the national capital. Actually, farmers from across the nation have travelled to Delhi to take part in ‘Dilli Chalo/ Kisan Mukti March’.

This march is being organized by All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC). Not only that, people from various organizations and ideologies are also supporting this march. Different farmer groups have been trying to mobilize farmers to join the march in Delhi. Agricultural labourers are also expected to join this march.

Farmers will be taking part in this march on both 29th and 30th November. Their main demand is that there should be a 21-day-long joint parliamentary session dedicated to agrarian problems. The march will start from Ram Leela Maidan on 29 November. The farmers will lead the march to parliament street on 30 November.

The march is to mobilize farmers to get what their right is. There have been constant protests by farmers to demand MSP for their crops and loan waivers. There was a large-scale protest from ‘Nasik to Mumbai’ earlier this year. However, it is expected that this march will observe larger numbers of protestors.

All the hardships faced by Indian farmers force them to commit suicide. There has been agrarian crisis in the country, yet government is unable to find any solution. According to media reports, over 3 lakh farmers have committed suicide in past 20 years. Tamil Nadu farmers were forced to resort to unusual methods last year to draw government attention towards their issues. They were seen naked, drinking urine and with mice in their mouths. All this was because the grim conditions in which they live in.

Nation’s farmers are coming to Delhi to demand for a dignified life. Now, time will tell whether government will look into their demands or will just proceed with making false promises. After all, 2019 elections are underway and farmers are always top on the list of politicians during elections.


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