Supreme Court of India had decriminalized section 377 three months back which used to criminalize homosexuality. After long struggle by queer community, it was no more a crime to have physical relation with a person of same-sex.

However, the mentality hasn’t change over time. There are still many people who tend to consider it as something which is ‘unnatural’.

Actually, a doctor has been summoned by Delhi court for using unusual methods to “treat” homosexual couples. According to Hindustan Times, this doctor uses electric shock to give ‘treatment’ to gay and lesbian couples. He considers that they have ‘mental disorder’ and should be “corrected”. His name is Dr P K Gupta. He had also been debarred by Delhi Medical Council. Still he continued using such bizarre practices in his professional career.

It is itself shocking that a doctor who should instead convince people around him/her that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, is instead indulging in such practices. Dr Gupta use to give homosexual couples hormonal and shock therapy. A complaint was registered against him by Delhi Medical Council for the same in 2016.

It is to note that such ‘conversion therapies’ are not recognized by medical science and legislature. Even after that, Dr Gupta was using such therapies and violating the norm constantly. It’s the doctors who know the scientific logic behind homosexual orientations of people and should be able to explain it for many people who feel this way. Instead a doctor feeling a compulsion to change the ‘natural order’ by using medical interventions is detrimental for society.

Delhi court summoned Dr Gupta as he was found prima facie being against a provision of Indian Medical Council Act which gives 1 year jail. And he was indulging in such practices despite being debarred by Delhi Medical Council.

Such medical practices are against the judgement given by Supreme Court which decriminalized consensual homosexual act between adults. In a society where homosexual relations are already a stigma, such practices won’t break the stigma.


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