Kamal Nath government is under question for the weak security of his state. Beheaded body of a 12-year-old Dalit girl has been found in the state. This incident is putting the government at weak spot over women safety issues.

According to media reports, she was kidnapped and went missing on Wednesday. Now, her beheaded body has been found in Banda area of Sagar district. Initial reports are saying that there was a land-dispute involving girl’s family with another family. Police was unable to locate the girl.

Yesterday, her headless body was found lying close to a village and her head was 50 to 100 meters away from it. Body has been sent for examination to Banda community health center.

It is to note that Congress has been criticizing BJP government for failing to keep up security of women. It seems that their government in Madhya Pradesh have themselves failed to keep the promise.

Kamal Nath had said before assembly elections that ensuring women safety will be their priority. Who is to blame for the incident this time? Will Kamal Nath government take responsibility of it, or still blame BJP?


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