Prime Minister Narendra Modi organized a mega road show on Thursday. This was done just one day before filing nomination in his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi. He addressed a public meeting after the road show in which he fervently praised his government  for ‘providing security to the nation’.

While referring to the Balakot air strike that was done after 40 CRPF soldiers martyred during Pulwama terror attack, he said that “They martyred our 40 soldiers in Pulwama, we killed 42 militants in their area.” 

He was giving the credit of air strike straight to his government. PM Modi said that this is the way his government works.

In his speech, PM Modi also mentioned the serial blasts in Sri Lanka. But, he did not mention the move of the Sri Lankan government in which the Defense Secretary resigned while taking responsibility of security lapse.

He did not say that terrorist attacks are due to defaults in security, which is responsibility of the government and defense related people. These people are held accountable for such  lapses.

The interesting thing is that PM Modi tries to take credit of air strikes that was done in response to the Pulwama attack during his rallies. But, he never discloses to the public that due it was the failure of his government in Pulwama which claimed llives of 40 jawans.

Journalist Kadambini Sharma has criticized PM Modi on twitter. She wrote, “No answer, no accountability at the intelligence failure in Pulwama till now.”


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