BJP leader Narendra Modi was being considered as unbeatable from Varanasi seat till now. But, Tej Bahadur Yadav is now standing to give him a tough fight from this seat. He is former BSF soldier who had exposed the corruption happening in BSF.

Tej Bahar Yadav has been named as the Samajwadi Party’s candidate, in short he has been declared as the candidate of BSP-SP-RLD alliance. This has made the Varanasi seat as interesting.

Tej Bahadur Yadav had earlier given statement to the media that “This fight is between real and fake Chowkidar”.

It is to note that BJP often instills the feeling of nationalism and asks vote in the name of defense and security of the nation. This thing was countered when Tej Bahadur Yadav exposed the corruption that he and other soldiers are facing in BSF. This showed that the ruling party asks vote in name of soldiers, but doesn’t do anything for them. Later, Tej Bahadur Yadav was removed from his duty which made things worse. This happened even after people saw his video which showed the truth of what kind of food is served to the soldiers.

Now, BJP will face real competition in the name of Tej Bahadur Yadav. Common people are saying that this will be a fight between ‘those who ask for vote in name of soldier’ and ‘a person who is soldier’. Tej Bahadur Yadav getting ticket from SP has made the fight even more tough. It will be interesting to see that who will win from this seat.


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