PM Narendra Modi is again asking votes in the name of CRPF soldiers who got martyerd in the Pilana attack. He has again compromised with the rules of Election Commission in order to come in power.

Actually, Narendra Modi was doing election campaign in Varanasi  when he said, “They martyred our 40 soldiers in Pulwama, after this attack 42 terrorists have been killed in the same area. This is the way our government works.”

It has been often alleged that PM Modi and his party try to ask votes in the name of martyrdom of soldiers. He even said in the statement given in Varanasi that there has been no terrorist attack in India and in any temple. According to him, terrorist attacks have been limited to some areas like Jammu and Kashmir.

This statement implies that PM Modi doesn’t consider Jammu and Kashmir to be a part of India like any other state, it seems that he is not much concerned with terrorist attacks in this state. He gives such a statement despite the fact that there have been big terrorist attacks under his rule like Pulwama and Pathankot.

It is surprising that when soldiers and common people are losing their lives due to security lapse, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is praising himself in the name of protecting the country.

Prior to this also, many BJP leaders tried to ask votes in the name of Balakot air strikes and soldiers. After this, Election Commission banned using armed forces for election campaigns. It seems as if Narendra Modi was not informed about this, or he has ignored EC’s order. Media reports say that Election Commission will soon take action against him.

However, Journalists and opposition has alleged that EC is afraid to take action against Narendra Modi. Journalist Swati Chaturvedi tweeted, “Unclear to me has the Election Commission closed shop?”

It is valid to raise these questions because EC was quite quick to take action against BSP supremo Mayawati when she gave certain statements in her rally. But, it seems as if EC needs time to think for taking action against Narendra Modi.


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