Rajya Sabha MP from Aam Aadmi Party Sanjay Singh has complained to the Election Commission about the money spent in the nomination rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has written a letter to the Election Commission saying that money has been spent in violation of rules in the nomination rally of PM Modi, for which PM Modi should be disqualified from contesting elections.

Sanjay Singh claimed in his letter that Rs. 1.17 crore has been spent in the nomination rally of PM Modi, which is more than the expenditure limit of Rs. 70 lakh fixed by the Election Commission. He appealed to the Commission  saying that PM Modi should be disqualified from contesting elections for ignoring the rules.

AAP leader has also given the details of the expenses incurred in the nomination rally of PM Modi. According to Sanjay Singh, the use of private aircraft is estimated to be about Rs. 64 lakhs. It is to note that many NDA leaders reached Varanasi with help of private aircraft. Among them were Prakash Singh Badal, Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish Kumar and Uddhav Thackeray.

In addition to this, it has been mentioned in the letter that it had cost 15 lakh rupees for more than 100 leaders who reached the rally. The cost for train journey of around 2000 party workers is being estimated to be Rs 20 lakhs. The cost of the management of leaders and workers in the hotels is 8 lakh and the vehicles used in the rally is said to be of 6 lakh rupees.

Apart from this, the expenditure of food packets in promotional material and rally in the letter has been estimated to be of Rs. 10 lakhs. The expenditure on promotion of stage and sound system and social media is stated to be Rs 2 lakhs.

The letter states that according to this, the total expenditure of the nomination rally is Rs.1.17 lakhs. This is more than the limit of Rs. 70 lakhs. Sanjay has asked the Election Commission to inspect the expenses on the basis of this information and declare PM Modi disqualified from contesting elections.


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