Prime Minister Modi is nowadays giving interview to actors along with journalists. Still, opposition and media itself is criticizing that he often tries to dodge the ‘real questions’.

This is because this is the same Prime Minister who in the last five years tried to stay away from journalists questions and used ‘Mann ki Baat’ as his only resort. This is the same Prime Minister who doesn’t answers unemployment questions of the common people and is more interested in questions related to mangoes.

Prime Minister Modi has not done much of interaction with media. However, the interviews which he has given are not much different from his rallies. Pulwama and Balakot are main issues for him in the rallies. In his interviews also, journalists are unable to question him on issues like jobs and women security.

It is to note that they are even unable to question him about the security lapse which caused big terrorist attacks like that in Pulwama and Uri. Some journalists and opposition have raised questions on the PM Modi’s interview given to Aaj Tak. PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti asked that ‘Why don’t these anchors ask PM real questions?’ She mentioned names of some other journalists saying that PM Modi should face their questions. She even said that these interviews are nothing more than PR exercises.

Journalist Swati Chaturvedi even said that PM Modi should do atleast one press conference. He will be the first Indian PM in history who has not done even one press conference, she said.

One more thing, the anchors who take interview of PM Modi don’t cross-question him. That means if Modi ever lies, they don’t ask questions on that. For instance, in the interview given to Aaj Tak and India Today he says that he is not in favour of asking votes in the name of ‘poverty’. But everyone knows that he has propagated ‘Chaiwala’ and ‘Chowkidaar during elections.

Rahul Kanwal asked him about the delay in release of unemployment stats by his government. PM Modi replied that they will develop some mechanism within 1-2 years to release right figures. However, Rahul did not said that the current term of the government is ending. And if one looks at the data provided by CMIE, 1.1 crore people have been unemployed in last year itself.

Maybe, Prime Minister Modi gives interviews to those journalists who try to praise him and do his PR. These anchors are like Sudhir Chaudhary, Anjana Om Kashyap, Arnab Goswami and Navika Kumar are often found praising him in their shows. That is the reason why such media houses are being called ‘Modi Media’.


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