Narendra Modi is doing publicity for BJP in West Bengal. He gave a controversial statement there in a rally due to which he is being questioned. He said while targeting TMC chief Mamata Banerjee, “When election results will come on 23rd May then your MLAs will leave you. Even today your 40 MLAs are connected to me.”

BJP leader Narendra Modi gave this statement in his Serampore rally while addressing the public. He is being criticized for this. People have questioned whether Narendra Modi is warning Mamata Banerjee beforehand? Did he mean that he will ‘buy’ 40 TMC MLAs after 23rd May. It is to note that election results will be announced on 23rd May.

Mamata Banerjee has replied to this statement. She said, “Our party has asked poll panel to provide us the expenditure done by PM Modi in his rallies. If EC can take note of the expenditure done by others, then why not from him?” 

Freelance Journalist Dhruv Rathee also tweeted on this saying, “So our Prime Minister is openly threatening to do horsetrading even before the election results? How much money will he pay to convince 40 MLAs to switch sides?”

Before this also, Narendra Modi has given controversial statements during his rallies. He asked votes in the name of soldiers and army even when Election Commission asked politicians to not do that. When Narendra Modi is giving threats in open, then how will people have trust in democracy? When EC will forgive him for all faults, then how will people have trust in democracy?


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