Thousands of kilometers away from India, people are discussing the problems that came to this country from the time when Modi government started ruling.

Those who have ‘high names’ in their fields like Amartya Sen (Nobel Laureate) and Prabhat Patnaik (famous economists) are questioning BJP government on issues like demonetization, suppressing freedom of expression and politics over war. These issues have immense impact on the elections that are happening in India.

Actually, an event was organized by World Leaders Forum at Columbia University on 2nd April. The event saw discussion on ‘India at Crossroads’. This topic was apt as India is standing on ‘crossroad’ and has to make decision on which party will be elected to rule for next five years. This elections will seal the fate of a huge population of the country for coming years. The event had participation of Amartya Sen and Prabhat Patnaik and was chaired by Ruchira Gupta. The discussion was introduced by Professor Akeel Bilgrami.

Amartya Sen, economist and Nobel Laureate, was very adamant in criticizing the decisions taken by Modi government. He pointed out that government’s decision to catch black by implementing demonetization was a failed decision. He said that people don’t hold black money in trade notes but convert it into properties like land and housing.

It is to note that PM Modi and BJP leaders claim that they are strong enough to protect the nation. However, Amartya Sen said that returning of Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistan is not victory of India. Instead, it was generosity on the part of Pakistan government that they decided to return him. Amartya Sen said that its ‘magic’ how the issue became glory of the government.

Prabhat Patnaik added to the conversation that the condition of India under the rule of present government is not very good. He said that students in JNU are being charged with sedition. Civil rights activists are in jail. He meant that all those who raise their voice against the government are being termed as anti-national. According to him, his approach would be to vote for the person who is strongest to defeat BJP.


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