BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha has again given a statement which will be detrimental to his own party and will have impact on upcoming elections. He said that Rahul Gandhi’s announcement about income support scheme aimed at giving Rs 72,000 per annum to poorest 20% families has disturbed BJP members.

Shatrughan said in a tweet that this decision is masterstroke. According to him, his party members are rattled by the declaration of Minimum Income Guarantee scheme of Congress.

It is to note that Rahul Gandhi had mentioned about this scheme this year in January. He said that this will help 5 crore families and 25 crore people. He said that his party will give every poor person the minimum income. This is a big promise ahead of Lok Sabha elections by Congress party in the times when people are devoid of proper jobs and income in the country.

Rahul Gandhi had said that this scheme will help 20% families belonging to poor class having monthly income of less than Rs 12,000. This scheme is more popularly known as ‘Nyoontama Aay Yojana’.

While Shatrughan Sinha might be supporting Rahul Gandhi’s declaration, one needs to see whether the promises are implemented or not. The grand old party of India – Congress – has been in the power for most of the years. Yet, the income inequality in India was at high 51.36 number. Also, the condition of poor had not shown drastic improvement for the poor. Certainly, there is requirement of minimum wages scheme to implemented in India.

While praises from leader from rival fraction may give edge to Rahul, there needs to be proper planning so that promises doesn’t turn out to be ‘jumla’ if his party is able to win in any case.


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