Chhattisgarh Congress MLA Kawasi Lakhma has given a controversial statement for which Election Commission has also issued notice to him. In one of his election rally, Lakhma told public that if they voted for a candidate other than that from Congress then they can get electric shock from the EVM.

Actually, Kawasi Lakhma was addressing a rally in Kewati of Kanker Lok Sabha seat in ​​Chhattisgarh. He said from stage that “Biresh Thakur is contesting from Kanker seat from Congress party. Voters should press the first button on the EVM machine so that Biresh Thakur of his party will get vote. If the voters press the second or the third button then they can shock from the machine.” Lakhma even said that they have fixed the first button.

Election Commission issued notice to Lakhma and asked him to reply within 3 days. The statement of Kawasi Lakhma should be taken as a threat to the voters. Even if Lakhma has given this statement of an electric shock to his supporters just like that, still it will still spread illusion between voters.

Kanker is a seat which has major population of tribals. In this case, it may also be that  Lakhma is trying to scare tribals to vote in favour of Congress candidate.

Lakhma says that the first button of the EVM machine has been fixed, this raises question that does the Congress party also alters EVMs? That’s because since the Modi government came, Congress party and Rahul Gandhi have expressed doubts over using EVM in elections.

Elections in Kanker Lok Sabha constituency will be held tomorrow (April 18th)

Let us tell you that the second phase is going to be held on April 18 in Kanker Lok Sabha constituency. This seat is reserved for Scheduled Tribes. This means that any party from this seat can only give ticket to the Scheduled Tribe candidate.

Vikram Dev Usendi became MP from BJP party from this seat in 2014. He won with 4,65,215 votes. Congress leader Foolodevi Netam was at the second spot with 4,30,057 votes. This type of trend has been seen on this seat for many years. This seat observes major fight between the Congress and BJP candidates and there is not much difference between their votes.

This seat is going to be contested by Biresh Thakur from Congress and Mohan Mandavi from BJP. When the BJP gave the ticket to Mohan Mandavi, he resigned from the post of Member of the State Public Service Commission (PSC). Now, it will be seen that tomorrow whether people will vote for Biresh Thakur or again for the BJP candidate this time. 


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