Delhi is again ‘high on air pollution’. There has been reports of bad air quality which is deteriorating day by day. Blame game has started as people are battling with poor visibility and increased smog amount. Supreme Court has termed Delhi’s air quality as critical.

Arvind Kejriwal said that pollution was under control throughout the year. He has blamed Khattar and Amarinder governments who are unable to deal with stubble burning in their respective states.

Delhi faces a rise in air pollution especially during winters. This is mostly due to stubble burning by farmers in neighbouring states. Kejriwal has said that Haryana and Punjab governments are unable to tackle the situation.  Delhi’s air quality index was at alarming 348 on Monday.

Supreme Court has asked AAP government to identify vehicles that violate emission standards. It has also asked government to list diesel vehicles which have run for more than 10 years. This is because vehicles start to emit pollution with time even if they were environment friendly during the time of making.

Air quality reports point towards bad air quality which can deteriorate health. People have been advised to stay inside their houses during morning and evening. Supreme Court has said that poor people will find it hard to stay inside as they need to work for their living. Will Delhi keep on witnessing such ‘harmful’ air quality every winter?


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