Farmers have reached national capital from all across the nation. It is the third time that farmers have been forced to fight with government for the third time in three months.

More than 200 farmer organizations took part in this march. Student organizations, labour organizations and social workers are also supporting this protest. Kanhaiya Kumar also showed solidarity with this march by writing:

‘Today, nations farmer is on Delhi roads to send their word to the parliament. However, those privileged who travel in Ambani-Adani aircrafts are now busy getting attention in the name of working for people. Let us raise our voice to stop the farm from becoming graveyard of the farmers.’

This farmer protest will go on for two days, i.e. on 29 and 30 November. This time farmers have only two demands:
First- Complete freedom from debt
Second- One and a half times the compensation for crops
Farmers gathered in Ramleela Maidan today. Tomorrow, they will march towards parliament.

Farmer leaders said to media that if this time Modi government will not listen to their demands then they will have to lose power in 2019 elections. Now, the questions is whether PM Modi will listen to them? Or will it fight elections only on communal lines by making Mandir-Masjid its agenda?


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