Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar has joined the ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign of PM Narendra Modi. Yet, he has failed to assure the safety of people coming under the state.

First he is unable to ensure that Muslim family is safe from some goons in Gurugram’s Bhondsi area. Now, he in unable to ensure that they feel safe living there. According to media reports, family which had undergone the incident is feeling that living at their own house is not free of threats. They are forced to leave their home.

Victim family said that they feel constant insecurity after the incident which took place on Holi. Goons everyday take a ride around their house in cars. When any member of the family try to go out of the house, then they are threatened and casteist remarks are passed on them.

Family said that the accused party and people of the village are pressurizing them to settle the issue. They said that since the Holi incident, conditions of the village didn’t remained the same. Here anything can happen to them. So, they have to leave this village.

The family has postponed the decision to leave their house after they were given assurance by Commissioner of Police Mohammad Akeel and some local people. However, they have demanded the CBI probe in the entire case with the action of the police administration.

What is the matter?

After a minor controversy on the day of Holi (21st March), 30-35 Hindutva goons attacked the house of a Muslim family living in Bhondsi. These goons brutally beat up the members of Muslim family with stick. 11 people, including relatives of the victim, suffered serious injuries in the attack. The video of this incident also went viral on social media. After that, there was criticism of the state’s BJP government in the entire country.


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