Prime Minister Narendra Modi is again on his ‘travelling tour’ for upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He is busy in doing rallies for his party and is taking all the credits for air strikes done on Pakistan. Even his speeches focus on the ‘war agenda’ of his party where his whole focus is on fighting with terrorists.

But, our government forgot to fight with the terror of slacking economy in the midst of all the ‘Josh and nationalism’. According to Al Jazeera, the GDP growth of India has reduced to 6.6 percent in third quarter. This is lower than 7.1 percent in three months to the end of November.

This is a major setback for government as it has promised to provide jobs and taking our economy to new heights. However, the result is quite opposite. Instead of production of new jobs, 1.1 crore people lost their jobs last year. Even the unemployment rate was at 45 year high of 6.1 percent according to last year’s report. Similarly, instead of taking economy to heights there is visible slowdown in it.

Well, its seems as if government is failing to keep up its promise and is turning towards its nationalism agenda again before the elections. But this promise seems to be just another jumla.

The ‘saviour’ projection of our prime minister is false if look closely to another data. PM Modi said during demonetization that this will keep a check on corruption and terrorism. There were negligible reports of catching corrupt people. India has seen major terror attacks under Modi rule like Pulwama and Uri.

Why did BJP leaders gave fake promises on economy, jobs and terror control to Indians? Were they able to do anything different than Congress whom they accused of corruption?


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