Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd is a person who criticizes Brahmanism in open. He has been critical of Indian caste-system which not only divides, but discriminates as well. His Brahmanism-critique usually stays in controversies. This is because Brahmanical people do not tend to accept his “straight-forward” views.

This time he is in news due to his 3 books. These are: Why I am not a Hindu?, Buffalo Nationalism and Post-Hindu India. DU Standing Committee on Academic matters has recommended removal of these 3 books of Kancha Ilaiah from its Political Science syllabus. Final decision is the hands of Academic Council.

He has blamed BJP-RSS of trying to remove his books from syllabus in order to impose their ‘one-dimensional thinking’. He also criticised the recommendation which sorts to remove ‘Dalit’ word from the books. According to him, this is because ‘casteist people’ are fearful that ‘Dalits’ are getting influenced and empowered by his writings.

Kancha has been famous for criticising Brahmanism by linking it to economic structure of Indian Society. This is not the first time that Kancha Ilaiah’s writings have been in controversy. Last year, he was in controversy due to his book ‘Post-hindu India’. He had called vaishya community as ‘social smugglers’ due to which he even got death threats.

A protest has been organised today near Arts Faculty, DU to oppose these unreasonable recommendations. This is for both, ban on Kancha Ilaiah’s books and ‘Dalit’ word. There will be speeches given by professors on the issue which even include social thinker Dilip Mandal.

DU standing committee is facing criticism for trying to erase studies of scholar which educates and empowers ‘Dalits’. This is an attempt to disregard the criticism of Hindu religion in which there has been discrimination with a certain community. Also, removing Kancha’s books will also curb diverse opinions and study in DU syllabus.


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