Kalahandi police in Odisha arrested Lingaraj Bagh alias Azad on 4th March. He is the convener of the Regiment Security Committee. Lingaraj Azad was arrested for his alleged role in the development work and the establishment of the CRPF camp.

For past few days, social workers were protesting against the arrest of Lingaraj. They included Prafulla Samantra, had demanded his release without any condition from the government of Odisha.

Now, media reports suggest that Lingaraj Azad has been released.  Dr. Anand Roy, social activist and RTI activist, has shared a new picture of Lingaraj Azad on Twitter writting, “It is a good news from Odisha. Leader Lingraj Azad released in Odisha, the leader of the Rigami movement against the Vedanta company in Odisha. After the release, people welcomed in Niyamgiri… ‘

Lingaraj Azad has been running long agitation against Vedanta Company in Odisha. Azad formed an organization called Niyatgiri Security Committee (NSS). He himself is its convener. ‘Niyagiri Security Committee’ is launching a movement to save the Niyamgiri Hills of western Odisha from mining and industrialization.

Apart from this, Lingaraj Azad is also the National Vice President of Socialist Jan Parishad (SJP) and National Alliance of People’s Movement (NAPM).


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