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In May and June, billions of rupees will be flown down in the drain in the name of wooing and buying votes. The media has started to tell that the elections are about to come, at the same time the public is sending their problems in my inbox. Some messages have come. I am thinking to write it at least here. I know that nothing will happen to them.

The public is also not public anymore. All are fighting for their own interests. Let me clarify here that I have not confirmed these reports. Neither do I have the resources. Here, I am recording their news so that a journalist will get an eye and report it.


A message has come from Morbi district that due to no rain, crop has failed. Farmers are paying premium but the amount of insurance is not available. The government has provided only 17 percent crop insurance. In the Morbi district the raining in the entire year is from 250 mm to 300mm only.

Dinesh has written a letter from Amreli in Gujarat. Dinesh Bhai from Raningpara village has written that two months ago the government purchased peanuts at the minimum support price. Farmers thought that if the government was buying then the payment would be given early. But two months have passed. Money did not come and loan interest is increasing. 80 to 100 farmers are troubled due to this problem.


There is a government medical college in Bettiah. It was started back in 2013. Currently, 544 students are studying here. In its first batch, 72 medical students have completed five and a half years of studies. Of these, 19 students have already passed the NEET PG 2019 examination. But now no one can register for the Residency Program or get admission in the postgraduate course. This is because their recognition in the Medical Council of India website is unclear.

The passing of the competitive examinations and coming to this college is the future of medical students. How restless nights they might be having.How lonely it would be to feel that no one is there to listen. It was government’s job to save the lives of these students by taking the initiative on their behalf. But now the governments have come to know. Give the debate of Hindu-Muslim and reservation to these youth, and then relax. It is a shame that these students are not paying any attention to the problem. Why are they being punished?

If wish there were such power in the world then it would help students of Magadha University of Bihar. In every message, these students tell their number to be 84,000. I don’t trust this. If they are 84000 then they should not message me again. I hope in such a situation that 84,000 people continue to run. Fight your battle ethically and with non-violence. Seeing the crowd going on for several weeks at the same time, any government will get breathless. But these people will know how to send me a message and I will be looking at the IPL or Hindu Muslim debate. I will continue to be sad about them all day long in guilt.

Big party is unable to mobilize 84,000 even after spending a hundred crore. The results of Magadha University Part 3 have come since 40 days, but due to the court the result has not come out. By March 31, they have to fill the railway form. Now if the results do not come by this date, then a huge opportunity will go waste.

The students of the 2016-19 batch should have graduated this year. But the examination of the second year is yet to be done. This year, the date for the examination has been canceled twice. The team of students has also been the governor’s office. But no concrete answer has come. The girl who sent the message says that the future of millions of students is at stake.

If millions of students of Magadha University’s  are upset. The system is playing with their life, then they should read Gandhi’s book. Millions of students will be present in the Gandhi Maidan. Demonstrate moral force and discard it. Nothing will be done by sending the message or publishing in the newspaper.

New will be printed in the newspapers. I also have to say that all the students close their Hindi newspaper from tomorrow. Cut the connection to the TV. Do Satyagrah. Otherwise I do not think anyone cares about them. I understand the problems of these students but also see a kind of selfishness. Self-interest to send a message and stay silent.

I wrote several times. There is no point in the conflict of different trials. Get together. Be it government of Congress or BJP. Demonstrate honest examination arrangements for yourself and higher education institutions in towns and districts. I know this is not under your control. But what to do. What is the other way than telling you? I sincerely hope you will be disappointed. Jai Hind.


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