Bhupesh Baghel-led Congress party has been alleged for taking actions against adivasis. AAP leader Soni Sori claims that the ‘anit-naxal’ operation carried out in Sukma was a fake one which took life of a adivasi women and injured another.

She has said that no Maoists were present in the area where the firing took place. According to her, “security forces deliberately opened fire on local women. Two women, Sukki and Deve, sustained bullet injuries”. She further said that police tried to dress Sukki as naxal, but later died.

Actually, police claimed that that there was an encounter between security forces and Naxals in Sukma on 2nd February near Godelguda.

Soni Sori, who has faced atrocities by Chhattisgarh police, has said that she Godelguda village Sunday after she got the news of attack. “Villagers told that no gun battle took place between security forces and Naxals”, said Soni Sori. Her claims raise questions on the Chhattisgarh police as well government.

If claims of Soni Sori are in any way true, then the situation is quite serious. After all, governments change but natives living in naxal areas live in harsh conditions. They face systematic attack by institutions and are left with minimum survival resources.


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