CNN has provided an example to the world about how one can do fearless journalism and ‘speak truth to power’.

USA President Donald Trump had banned the entry of a CNN reporter in White House who dared to ask tough questions to him. However, media has won in court by challenged this decision in court and even won. Yes, media won against the president of their country.

According to BBC, judge gave decision in favour of CNN. Judge also said that CNN journalist Jim Acosta has the permission to go inside White House. USA President may be called as most powerful person in the world. Still CNN media has shown Trump its power by challenging him in the court and also winning the case.

This is a lesson for Indian media which should make it think about its shortcomings. Indian media should learn that media has immense power in itself and should not succcumb to the pressures. It should, instead, be a challenge to those in power and question them. It is a shame that Indian media tends to work as a “PR platform” for the government. In present times, its unable to move ahead of ‘JI MODI JI”.

CNN had won this case on the same day when Indian media was celebrating ‘national press day’. It is a reason of shame for press of India which not only lacks in its freedom but loyalty towards its profession as well.


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