Modi government has been keeping a distance from government companies since it has assumed office. Instead, it has focused in doing business with bigshots like Anil Ambani.

Modi government helped Reliance Defence System to get Rs 60,000 crore Rafale deal. A new revelation shows that Reliance company even got privilege over government companies to bag Rs. 80,000 crore Submarine deal.

Actually, Indian Navy required 6 non-atomic modern submarines. The most capable company for this getting this contract was Magazon Dock Shipbuilders Limited. This is a government company which is famous for making quality fighter ships and submarines. Magazon Dock, established in 1934, has even built atomic submarine for Indian Navy.

Yet, Modi government was more keen in giving the contract of building 6 submarines for Indian Navy to ‘Larsen and Toubro’ as well as to ‘Reliance Defence System’. Reliance Defence System is owned by Anil Ambani, and ‘Reliance Naval’ will make the submarines on behalf of it.

Government has gone to the extend of changing India’s defence procurement policy. They have included a new rule of ‘Revitalising Defence Industrial Ecosystem Through Strategic Partnership’ in the ‘Defence Procurement Policy, 2016’. Due to this, private companies will be preferred in defence deals even if government companies have more experience.

Our chosen government is more inclined in favouring private companies which have lesser abilities. It is favouring companies like that of Anil Ambani which is indebted under Rs. 45,000 crore loan. On one hand Prime minister talks about curbing black money, and on the other hand he favours private companies which can favour him at ‘correct time’.


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