The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) soldiers seem to be at risk in India. This is because they are constantly facing threat in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

It was only today when a CRPF convoy narrowly escaped a blast on Srinagar highway. Now, there has been an attack near SBI branch in Pulwama which has led to injury of one CRPF personnel.

The latest report say that a civilian has also been shot at Main Chowk Baramulla. 

According to ANI, 1 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel has been injured. The agency has tweeted that terrorists had lobbed grenade at a CRPF bunker near SBI branch in Pulwama. While details are awaited, this surely raises questions on security. First of all, the forces which are meant for security are not secure themselves. Secondly, why even after a big attack on CRPF convoy in February has not raised alarms among the forces.

PM Narendra Modi is boasting about his ‘Chowkidar’ skills in his election rallies. He is talking about being that person who can ensure safety of India. Yet, he has failed to ensure the secure borders.

Earlier, a CRPF convoy was attacked in Pulwama on 14th February. More than 40 CRPF personnel lost their lives. After this, Indian government claimed to have done airstrikes in Balakot area of Pakistan. Narendra Modi is using this airstrikes to promote himself as the person who can ensure ‘safety’ of India.

However, within one month there has been another attack on CRPF convoy which raises questions on the safety provided by ‘Chowkidar Modi’.


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