BJP leader Narendra Modi is mentioning ‘airstrike’ in his rallies. He is also seen claiming that country is ‘safe hands’ as he is the prime minister. However, an attack similar to the Pulwama attack seems to oppose these claims.

Actually, this attack took place in a car at Srinagar Jammu highway near Banihal. This attack happened when convoy of security personnel was passing from there. According to media reports, CRPF has refused to accept it as a terrorist attack but the matter is under investigation.

From the initial investigation it has been found that this is just a case of a cylinder blast. The explosion was so big that the car was blown away. However, the driver of the car is missing.

One thing is for sure  that lives of CRPF jawans has been saved. Otherwise, the explosion was so strong that due to which a CRPF bus has suffered minor damage. There were no casualities of CRPF jawan or any common civilians. At present, the security forces have surrounded the area and have started investigations.

It is to note that more than 44 CRPF personnel were martyred in February due to the suicide attack in Pulwama. After this, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a guideline which said that whenever the security forces pass through the convoy highway, any other movement will be stopped.

Now, the question arises that despite the strict guidelines how did this explosion happened near the CRPF convoy? Right now, the security agencies have become active and the matter is being investigated.


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