Baba Ramdev thinks he can decide who should vote in this country and who should not. He said, ‘Those who have more than 2 children, their voting rights should be taken away.’ This is the way that Baba Ramdev thinks that our population can be controlled.

He is statement is not only technically but ethically wrong as well. He wants to control a nation’s population by restricting people from voting if they have more than 2 children. He even remarked that such people should not have access to government schools, hospitals and jobs.  He wants to outcast a population and punish them by using means of ‘discrimination’.

First of all, our nation doesn’t vote on a majority basis. The highest voter turnout recorded in India’s Lok Sabha elections was little more than 66%. Adding to that, this way of population control is no less discriminatory and brutal than that used during the time of emergency. People were sterilized, and that too mostly those who were ‘poor’ and were unable to voice their opinion back then. Similarly, Baba Ramdev’s idea of population control can be used against those are already unable to voice their opinions.

Thus, Baba Ramdev’s remark is discriminatory and unpractical. Over-population is a big problem in modern India. But such forms of discrimination cannot be a means to deal with it. Instead, it needs awareness programs and proper family planning.


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