Supreme Court has given justice to Bilkis Bano who has been victim of gang rape during the Gujarat riots. The apex court has asked the Gujarat government to pay compensation of Rs 50 lakh to Bilkis Bano. Court has even asked the government to give her job according to the law.

Actually, after the Godhra train fire incident in March 2002 in Gujarat pregnant Bilkis Bano was gang raped. In this violence, seven members of her family were killed while six other family members were successful in escaping.

A special court had convicted 11 people on 21st January, 2008 in the matter. They were sentenced to life imprisonment. After this, these people challenged  the verdict and they moved to the Bombay High Court. They urged the dismissal of the lower court’s decision.

Earlier, Bilkis Bano had refused to accept the offer of compensation of Rs. 5 lakh from the Gujarat government.

On this matter, the Supreme Court upheld the High Court’s order and directed the Gujarat government to complete disciplinary action against the police officers who had been convicted by the High Court.


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