Rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal was given a grand welcome when he visited Jalandhar after being granted conditional bail. It is to note that  Bishop Franco is still a rape accused, and still he was given ‘hero like’ treatment. What’s more astonishing is that his supporters mostly included nuns; while he is himself accused in rape case of a nun.

We are complex as a society. We are ourselves not clear about which values we believe in. At one hand we celebrate when rape accused MJ Akbar resigns from his post, and on the other we give such a treatment to another rape accused. It is not necessary to judge Bishop beforehand and do trial outside the court. But, its also important that society becomes sensitive towards women issues and refrains from celebrating accused until and unless they are proven guilty.

According to Indian Express, Franco Mulakkal was garlanded and people shouted slogans in his support. He even sat on the chair of Bishop while interacting with media, even though he had resigned from his post after being accused of raping a nun.

Franco Mulakkal was granted conditional bail on some strict terms which even included that he should not enter into Kerala. But, his supporters which even include nuns are keen to give him ‘extraordinary treatment’ despite the case registered against him.


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