Alok Verma, CBI chief, was sent on forced leave yesterday. Now, there are attempts to put him under surveillance.

Today, 4 men have been arrested by Delhi Police from outside Alok Verma’s house. It has been alleged that they were trying to spy on him. All four men have claimed that they are from the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Their adhar cards have been used to confirm their identity.

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A police officer told that the accused were wandering around Alok Verma’s house. They were later arrested. These series of events are quite questionable. Firstly, CBI chief Alok is sent on forced vacation and now there are (alleged) IB officers keeping an eye on him. It is to be noted that Alok Verma was handling 7 sensitive cases. He was even handling a file related to Rafale deal, which is making headlines since Francois Hollande’s expose.

Is the whole issue, taking political turn with some big shots involved who want to hide some sensitive information? Is CBI also under attack after the whole Supreme Court row?


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