The five states witnessed assembly elections in November and December. Results are out. 

Election Commission has given the voting share of different parties in all five states. Here is a comparision of the performance of these parties this year and that in 2013. 

Chhattisgarh: BJP had 49 seats out of 90 in 2013 assembly elections while Congress won 39 seats. BSP got only 1 seat.

This year’s election has given Indian National Congress party lead. They have secured 68 seats while BJP secured 15 seats. BSP on the other hand got 2 seats. It means that seat share of Congress has increased strikingly in this state. 

Madhya Pradesh: BJP won 165 and Congress won 58 seats in 2013 elections. 

However, this year BJP won 109 seats while Congress won 114 seats. BSP got 2 while Samajwadi Party secured 1 seat. Here also, there was quite an increase in seats of Congress in compairsion to that they won in 2013.

Rajasthan: BJP bagged 163 seats while INC got 21 seats in 2013 assembly elections. 

During 2018 elections, BJP got 73 seats while Congress got 99. BSP gained 6 seats while regional parties also had some seats in their bag. There is a sharp decline in seats of BJP and whopping increase in seats of INC if we look at both 2013 and 2018 elections.

Mizoram: INC got 34 and MNF got 5 seats during 2013 elections. However, this time BJP got only 1 seat while Congress was limited to 5. Mizo National Front won with 26 seats. So, both national parties have suffered loss in this state. Congress suffered remarkable loss as its seats reduced from 34 to 5. 

Telangana: During 2013 elections the regional party TRS won 90 seats out of 119. INC got 13, AIMIM got 7, BJP got 5, TDP got 3 and CPI (M) got 1. 

This year BJP was limited to 1 seat, INC got 19, AIMIM got 7 and TRS got 88. It means that BJP has very less popularity in this state, and same applies to Congress. Despite lesser seats, regional party TRS still has an edge over other parties in the state. 

These trends show that Congress party has made striking gains in some big states like Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh where BJP has lost its seats (and popularity) which it had earlier. BSP has also left its mark by winning seats in 3 out of 5 states. 

These stats can have an important impact on upcoming Lok Sabha elections, though they won’t be deciding. This is because despite gains, Congress was able to manage win which didn’t had big margin. Also, there will be a need for coalition with other parties if it wants to stop BJP from coming in power. 


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