CM Yogi had explained the full form of EVM during a rallly to be ‘Every Vote for Modi’. Now, the reason why the EVM has to be changed in Goa is the same. Here also the EVM was registering votes for BJP even when voters were not giving vote to the party.

Actually, Goa President of Aam Aadmi Party announced on Twitter that how the BJP got 17 votes during the mock polling, even when each of the six candidates had only nine votes.

He wrote, these elections are a matter of shame? In Goa booth No. 31 mock polling was held wher each of the 6 candidate was given 9 votes. The result was that BJP got 17 votes, Congress got 9,  AAP got 8 and IND 1. He said the Election Commission makes false claim that EVM is safe and secure.

After this, election commission came into action. The Goa CEO tweeted on the social media that the entire set of EVM has been changed to AC 34, PS No. 31 based on the report.

If the faulty EVM would not have been checked then imagine the result of this seat. Most of the votes would have gone to the BJP party even if people would have voted for someone else. The democracy is dependent on a machine.


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