The Modi government has got the so-called clean chit from the Supreme Court in the Rafael case. However, the case is still in news for all the wrong reasons.

There are allegations on Modi government that it has done deal with the Dassault company on double rates than that was decided earlier. Also, the government has removed HAL from the deal while Anil Ambani’s company was made part of it.

The government claims that the prices have increased because the aircraft got upgraded. However, Dassault has now done a new deal with France government in which it will give 28 upgraded Rafale aircraft in Rs 14,530 crore. These aircraft will have new technology. Which means that each Rafale aircraft will be of Rs 517 crore.

On the other hand, Modi government has done a deal of 36 Rafale aircrafts with Dassault at Rs 55,500 crore. Which means that each aircraft costs Rs 1541 crores. After the deal between France government and Dassault, questions are again being raised on Modi government.

If the allegations are true, then

Who all gained out of this deal?- Modi government, Anil Ambani and his company, Dassault and all other players in the deal.

Who lost?- HAL and Indians


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