People were already facing hike in petrol-diesel prices. Rupee was already losing its value and inflation was on rise. Now, government has found another way to affect pockets of public.

Prices of subsidised gas cylinders were increased to Rs 2.94 per gas cylinder on Wednesday. The price has risen due to change in its base price and increase in tax.

This is the 6th time since June that prices of subsidised gas cylinders. Since then, prices have increased at about 14.13 rupees. Consumers have to buy LPG cylinders at market value. However, government gives subsidy direct in banks of consumers for cylinders of 14.2 kg weight. This subsidy is given in one year.

Prices of non-subsidises LPG cylinders have increased from Rs 60 to Rs 880 per cylinder. Also, subsidy transferred to the customers’ accounts has increased to Rs 433.66 per cylinder in November 2018, which was at Rs 376.60 per cylinder in October.


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