Another government company, India Post is debt-ridden. India Post has become the government company which has largest debt and has also defeated BSNL and Air India in the race.

India Post’s loss in the three financial years has increased by 150%. That means, in the financial year 2018-19, this loss has increased to Rs 15,000 crore. The losses started increasing just after application of the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. Even if salary was increased, but there is a continuous decline in revenues from traditional postal services.

Indian postal department has 1,54,802 post offices out of which 812 are head offices, 24,566 sub post offices and 1,29,424 are branch post offices.

On this controversy, Kanhaiya Kumar targeted the Modi government. He termed Modi to be the reason behind the loss faced by Indian postal department and said that Narendra Modi worked to ruin the country.

Kanhaiya wrote in a tweet, “After the Air India, BSNL, HAL, the condition of the Indian post department has also gone down and its debt is worth Rs 15,000 crore. The country being destroyed by the ‘Chowkidar’ who has worked for it for 20 hours every day, he also didn’t took any leave for this.”

Rachit Seth is National Media Coordinator for Congress. He tweeted, “LIC used to bail out ILFS’ 1 lakh crore debt. ONGC used to help 20000Cr scam ridden GSPC. LIC’s 9000 Cr for IDBI. Jet Airways being bailed out by 1500 Cr? But PSU’s: HAL under stress, Air India under loss, BSNL has massive loss. Now India Post has loss of 15000 Cr. Suit Boot Sarkar!”

If Modi government wanted then it could have benefited India Post. This could have been done if the government handed over the command of digital payment to the department. Instead, Paytm got benefits.


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