India has become 5th most insecure nation for journalists. International organization Reporters without Borders has released a report in which India’s position on security of journalists.

Six journalists were killed during year 2018 in India. Many other journalists have faced serious attacks. The report also highlights that Hindu nationalist organizations threaten and troll journalists online. Also, it has been said Indian journalists are living in fear.

This year, along with the 6 murders of journalists India and America are in the same position. In America too 6 journalists have been murdered. However, it has been included in the list for the first time, even though this organization has been giving its report since 1995 for each year.

Besides India and America, there are other nations also included in the list like Afghanistan, Mexico, Yemen and Syria.

Nation                           Deaths of Journalists

Afghanistan                    15

Syria                           11 

Mexico                        9

Yemen                        8

India                         6

America                    6

Report by ‘Reporters without Borders’:-

This year, around 80 journalists have been killed across the world. Afghanistan tops the list. 15 journalists have been killed there this year.

Also, 348 journalists have been sent to jail this year across the globe. 60 journalists have been made hostage and 3 have gone missing. A report has mentioned that there has been a rise in deaths of journalists this year..

Madhya Pradesh and Bihar mentioned in the report:-

The report has a mention of murder cases of 2 journalists in Bihar on 25th March. These two journalists were killed because they reported against a village head in Bihar. As a result, the SUV was run over them.

There is also a mention of a journalist Sandeep Sharma killed in Madhya Pradesh. He was murdered by Sand mafias.

Besides this, a DD cameraperson was killed in Chhattisgarh from Maoists. Kashmir journalist and editor of Rising Kashmir, Shujaat Bokhari was also killed by the militants this year.


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