Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy has been caught on tape saying “Kill them mercilessly” according to media reports.

ANI released a video in which Kumaraswamy can be heard saying “He was a good man, I don’t know why did they murder him. Kill them mercilessly in a shootout, no problem.”

Actually, a worker of Kumaraswamy’s party JD(S) was killed by 4 bike-riders. His name was Honnalagere Prakash who was murdered in South Karnataka’s Mandya. After getting the information, HD Kumaraswamy said on phone to someone to ‘Kill them (murderers) mercilessly”.

After the incident, BS Yeddyurappa  attacked Kumaraswamy by saying that he never expected this from the chief minister.

Kumaraswamy claims that it was an emotional outburst and not an order. However, such a remark is not expected from leader of a state who is in power even if it is emotional.


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