Rafale deal and demonetisation
Rafale deal and demonetisation

Central Government has been in controversy for interfering with CBI and RBI. Now, a fresh controversy is about more than 60 officials writing letter to CAG.

There are allegations in the letter that government is trying to delay investigation into Rafale and demonetization. Officials said that Modi goverment is doing this to maintain its image as clean.

Officials wrote in letter that delaying the release of audit report will raise many questions on the authenticity of CAG. This is because there is being unnecessary delay in release of audit report on Rafale deal and demonetization. CAG should keep these reports on panel in winter session.

Officials said that this audit report can ruin government just like report on 2g and Adarsh cases did to image of UPA government. Prior to this, around 60 retired officials wrote to Modi government on Kathua rape case.


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