BSP supremo Mayawati has targeted Congress party and BJP on the promises they make during elections. She tweeted that Ruling BJP calling Congress slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao 2.0’ as bluff is true. She actually implied that the NYAY scheme announced by Congress will turn out to be a false promise. According to her, this is against the interest of poor.

Mayawati not only targeted Congress, but BJP as well. She further said that its not BJP which has right to give false promises, Congress is doing this as well. In total, she has called both the parties as ‘anti-interest of poor, laborers, farmers and others.

It is to note that Congress and BJP have been ruling parties in India for most of the years who formed Central governments. Congress has been in power for around 52 years while BJP ruled for around 12 years.

The above explanation has important links with the statement given by Mayawati. This is because the condition of poor and laborers have remained same for years. Also, these parties who have already been in power for so many years have failed to bring large scale changes. Yet, they always come up with the same issue during every year.

According to Indian Express, there are ample amount of people who have moved out of poverty in  last 10 years. This is based on United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report. Still, India has highest number of poor with 364 million people living in poverty in the year 2015-16.

Also, India faces problems of income inequality which has not been solved by both BJP and Congress. These parties keep on coming up with new schemes to solve the issue of poverty, but not much improvement can be seen. According to Oxfam Inequality report released this year, wealth of 1% richest of country increased by 39% while that of 50% poorest of country increased by merely 3%.

Thus, while the promised made by Congress party and call for Garibi Hatao 2.0 may be in public interest, the intention to improve conditions of poor is still under question. This will be an important issue that will be raised during Lok Sabha elections every now and then.


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